What if money is actually easy to attract?

Indeed, money is actually easy to attract. There is an abundance of money and resources—a never-ending supply. It is only our unwillingness to receive that makes these things hard to obtain.  The lack of money in many people’s lives is due to the way they view money and resources. Their viewpoints about money impose severe limitations on the prosperity they can experience. 


Your present financial reality is a byproduct of choices you have made and your limiting points of view about money. Your points of view and your beliefs about money influence every choice, because your points of view define and confine who you are being, how you act, and what you will create as your future possibilities. 

We have learned from discussions we have had with clients, colleagues, and workshop participants from around the world that many people have wounds and negative beliefs about money. The wounds and the beliefs have different story lines, but their effects and consequences are always the same: they prevent money from flowing effortlessly through your life. We have discovered that money is never the problem. The problem is your unwillingness to receive, which is a by-product of the way you think about money or about yourself.

It is essential to look at what you are unwilling to receive because this determines the amount of money you are willing to have.  Your willingness to receive everything is essential if you desire to create wealth. It is also indispensable if you wish to keep the wealth. What you are willing to receive determines the amount of money you can have in your life.

Please recognize that you are the only ones who know what is stopping you. You would only be able to get to the truth of the issue once you acknowledged that receiving is the problem—and you are the solution.

So asked yourself this question: "What am I unwilling to receive about me that, if I were willing, would allow me to have the totality of me?"

Then begin to look at what you are unwilling to receive in general. You will discover that you are blocking yourself from receiving money in the same ways that you are blocking yourself from receiving many other things in your life and our work.