The most powerful influence: Your points of view

Your points of view are the things that ground you in your reality and are the basis upon which your life is created. They are the most powerful influence in your life. Your points of view about money may be positive or negative, conscious or unconscious or anti-conscious, turbulent or harmonious, energizing or draining etc.. Think about it for a few minutes…I invite you to reflect on what are the dominant points of view present in your life in regard to money? And more importantly, what would you like it to be?


Please reflect on how you spend a typical day in conjunction with money. What are you doing and thinking in relation to money? Are you working hard for it, spending it, worrying about not having enough of it, planning what to do with it, or avoiding thinking about it? Your perception and your points of view are you, so the more downbeat and self-defeating points of view you have about you, the less successful you will be.

So, observe … What points of view, judgments, and emotions do you have when you think of money? What is money to you? (When you think about money, what are your first thoughts?) Be honest with yourself. Be honest about what emotion you are feeling. It will do you no good to do this exercise unless you answer truthfully.

The following are negative common points of view that can tie you up in personal conflict. See if you identify with them.

  • Making money is just too difficult.

  • Money only comes from hard work.

  • Money causes fighting and unhappiness.

  • Money is in short supply.

  • Money is a big responsibility.

  • Money is filthy and dirty.

  • There is a limit to how much I can earn.

  • I just don’t like to think about money.

  • I am just not good with money.

  • I cannot handle or manage money well.

  • I do not have unique talents or abilities.

  • I cannot change my predetermined fate.

  • I’m not good enough to make money.

  • I cannot do what I love because it does not pay well.

  • I can only earn more when I put in more hours at work.

  • I need lots of money first to make more money.

  • I can’t charge that much…..I can’t charge more than my competitor.

  • I am never lucky.

  • Miracles rarely or never happen to me.

  • Only dreamers think they can get rich but I am a realist.

  • It is difficult to make money from my investments.

  • To make money, I have to have a great job with a high salary.

  • The cost of living is so high that it is impossible to keep up.

  • There is only so much of the millionaire pie to go around.

  • Life is meant to be a struggle, not a breeze.

  • It's not right to have a lot of money.

  • It’s hard to have multiple sources of income coming in, other than from my job.

  • It is best not to earn too much because I don’t want to pay more in tax

  • It is just too difficult to get ahead based on my lack of academic qualifications.

  • If only I had enough money, then I would be much happier.

It's important that you are aware of what your assumptions and definitions of money are, since you're bringing money to yourself with your conscious awareness. Have you ever had the above points of view about money?  These judgments, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are the major reasons that you have unconsciously repelled money and wealth. It is critical for you to truly perceive this truth.

What did you deny the ability to create that if you didn’t buy that point of view, would create more than you could possibly imagine? 

How many points of view about the problems of money have you bought that keeps you from having everything you desire?  What are the assumptions and limiting beliefs you function from in life? These have created your financial destiny and your financial world. Are you willing to see that there is more to life, and in fact, life is easy if you choose it to be that way?

Start today by letting go of the limited points of view about money that do not serve your best interests. It’s not intelligence or lack of education that holds you back from being prosperous and wealthy, it’s the limited points of view about money that keep you struggling to survive in a world of infinite possibilities. If you want to have generative wealth, you have to be willing to destroy and uncreate your limited points of view about money.

So what is it you are not willing to let go of, absolutely unwilling to let go of, that if you let go of it, would allow you to generate so much money that nothing mattered to you?

When it comes to money, the best advice is to always look at it from choice, possibility, awareness and prosperity consciousness. Never look at money from a fear and scarcity point of view.