The key for being conscious with money

Money is an acknowledgment of how you are willing to generate your life in this reality. It is a reflection of your choices.  Being conscious with money is about recognizing that money is the result of choice and not the source of choice (most people see money as the source of choice and not the result of choice). Being consciousness around money, you would not make money be the solution to all your problems or the source for the elimination of all your problems.

Consciousness has infinite energy, it is infinite generation.  Each time that you choose to expand your consciousness, you change this world into a place in which people can live with total awareness, unbridled joy, and infinite abundance. Not just you, but every other being in this world, are affected by the choices you make.

If you are willing to be conscious, you can change anything.

If you want to expand your consciousness around money, you have to be willing to expose the unconscious and anti-conscious acts that you be and do.  Expanding your consciousness around money has to do with your willingness to change. It is not about doing, it is about being. When you make a change in your consciousness, then you get a corresponding change in your outer reality.

Each and every one of us has a very specific yet mostly unexamined and often unconscious perspective about money, which has created and shaped our individual experiences of life. To expand your consciousness around money, first and foremost you have to be willing to examine your own attitudes and perceptions around money.  You must become aware of your unconscious conditioning about money—without judging yourself. You also have to be willing to receive above and beyond what you would normally have or you will not receive unlimited amounts of money.


Money is a reflection of your choices.

Please recognize that unless you are choosing to expand your consciousness around money, it is going to be business as usual, regardless of how much money you have. Even if you are able to generate money with ease, your consciousness will always determine your experience. Unless your consciousness concerning money changes, no matter how much money you create, your experience will remain the same.