What is prosperity consciousness?

Prosperity Consciousness’ is a state of beingness, not doingness. Most people misidentify and misapply that prosperity consciousness is something that they seek and look for outside of themselves. In truth, it is a state of beingness that comes from within. 

Each of us has the ability to function from Prosperity Consciousness. It is not an extraordinary privilege or a special treat that is only bestowed to some people and not to others. It is a knowable and attainable state of beingness that is available to everyone, if they choose to claim, own, and acknowledge it.

All you need to know is that if you’re not choosing to embody and be prosperity consciousness, then there is a different option available. You can ask: “What is it going to take to have that? What’s it going to take to embody and be that energy?” Doesn’t prosperity consciousness sound like more generative; Where you actually have possibilities of creating different possibilities?

It is your CHOICE! You can choose to keep on creating your life based on the limitation of this reality or you can choose to move into Prosperity Consciousness space! So fling opens your awareness to receive prosperity consciousness. Even if all you did today is reflecting and contemplating what it would be like if you chose to function from the space of Prosperity Consciousness? What would it be like if you chose to actually be abundant? Celebrate any awareness or any insight that present themselves to you.

Prosperity consciousness is not just about possessions and money. It is about a joyful expression of life, a sense of expansiveness, a joy of being, and a sense of abundance in all things. Prosperity Consciousness is a powerful energy that exists inside you that, once you choose to unleash, can create unlimited possibility and totally transform your life...... Ask “What can I be today that will create that space?

What can you be or do different that would create a different reality right away?

To become prosperous, all you have to do is choosing to embody and be prosperity consciousness. Prosperity consciousness is easily accessible to all who would like it and if you perceive and know that you can have it and are willing to receive and be it. You will have a different way of functioning as a result of this.