Could your points of view about money stop you from being wealthy?

Do you have a lot of difficulties creating money and sustaining generative wealth? Well, can it be that you have negative points of view about money that are influencing how you see the world and undermine your ability to generate and sustain wealth?

Over the years, we have had many opportunities to work with a number of influential, successful, and resource-rich people. We are frequently amazed by how many of these powerful people struggle to find solutions to what they think of as their money problems. It’s obvious that they struggle not because of the actual conditions and circumstances of their lives but because of their points of view about money that are based on false assumptions, and their dysfunctional relationships with money.

Time and again, we have found that people who have points of view that are based on false assumptions tend to play out beliefs from their viewpoint about worthiness, value, and money. Many feel they are victims of money. They believe that if they can acquire more money they will become truly prosperous and their money problems would be over. Little do they know that their point of view about money is the problem. Their false assumptions create their money problems.

It's going to be tricky gaining the ability to become prosperous if your points of view about money are based on false assumptions. These can hurt you if you are inadvertently clinging to assumptions such as "That’s just the way life is. There’s no way out. There are no other choices."

The state of your finance and wealth is a direct connection of your points of view about money and your willingness to receive money.  Your points of view always determine your conditions and circumstances.  It has a profound influence on how you see the world and on the way you live your life.  If you are experiencing a limitation or difficulty in your life around anything such as money, there must be some kind of limitation and restriction in your mindset and points of view.  Very often, your own money beliefs are unconsciously ingrained since your childhood days because of the beliefs of your parents, or because of the circumstances, you have been exposed to as a child. So, what kind of money beliefs do your parents have?

Would you be willing to see that fixed points of view and rigidly held assumptions can be dangerous to your wealth?

Fixed points of view and assumptions sap your energy and undermine the quality of your life. It sabotages your joy and your ability to generate infinite wealth.  So, could the lack of prosperity in your life be due to the way you view money and resources? What if your viewpoints about money impose severe limitations on the prosperity you can experience?