The Gift of Leadership


Bringing horse sense back to your business

3 day Masterclass

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Can you lead your people to possibility, and encourage them to choose?

This is an innovative 3-day Masterclass where you will explore very different ways of looking at leadership, unlock hidden limitations you have imposed on yourself and others, and unleash the leadership potential you truly are.

To be a conscious leader of others, you must first choose to be a conscious leader in your own life. Interactive, exciting, full of hidden gems that will explode in your awareness, this Masterclass will blow the cobwebs from what is truly possible and facilitate you to know…you can be a conscious leader.

As a unique experience, we work with horses as part of the program. This is one of the most exciting, innovative and fast ways to unlock your own awareness about … being more aware… The impact on your personal awareness, and the impact this has on how you can BE a leader, is foundational and paradigm shifting.

This class is available in person in Houston. 

By being a Conscious Leader, you become the catalyst for a different possibility in our world


Day 1: Going beyond the limitations of what the rest of the world believes is important. The elegance of being a conscious leader is a state of being, not an action or some meaningless charade. Being a conscious leader is a choice in every moment.

 Day 2: Unlock the power of your inner conscious leader and become the catalyst for generating a reality that is far greater than the one you already have.

Horse sense demonstration

Day 3: Horsing around with horse sense--- unique life-changing exercises with horses that show you how your own energy affects others around you, and how to change that. Immediate feedback, sustainable knowledge, deep experiences you will never forget. Leadership in real time, where you can manipulate who you choose to be and the effect that has on others.

 Ideal for those who

  • Are in leadership positions and want something more powerful and sustainable

  • Are willing to be the leader in their own life, regardless of position or career

  • Are responsible for others and want to create a different leadership culture

  • Know there is a different possibility for the world and for business, but unsure how to bring this into existence



Chutisa and Steven Bowman, two of the most prolific and respected global business advisors, and authors of the classic books "Conscious Leadership", "Prosperity Consciousness", "No More Business As Usual", and "Benevolent Leadership for a Better World: Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism". Between them, they have been CEOs of major organizations, Chairs of Boards and senior executives in multi-million dollar global corporates. They now run 7 global businesses.

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Suzy Godsey, horse whisperer virtuoso, guru in working with animals to unlock human potential and create new awareness. Her work has appeared on U.S. and international television, radio, and internet telesummits, including a segment on Cesar Milan’s “Dog Whisperer” television show.

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Date: 17-19th  May
Time: 9.30am-6.00pm
Registration: $2500 by credit card or Paypal

Venue: Lazy Double D Ranch
4571 Bleiblerville Rd,
Bleiblerville Texas USA 78931

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Bret Rushia

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