Bringing Consciousness to Business


Have you ever wanted to take consciousness to business and the corporate world?

Have you then decided you didn’t know how to?


Does business speak mystify you?

Do you want to know how to translate awareness and consciousness into business speak, in a way that they will be willing to receive?

“Bringing Consciousness to Business" Masterclass will explore the mysterious world of business and corporates, and how your awareness can create change that in turn can change the world. 

 Key topics will include

  • the language of business and corporates seen through the lense of awareness and consciousness

  • creating conscious business through facilitating leaders to be even more conscious

  • translating consciousness into business speak

  • creating innovation from awareness and possibility

Are you interested in expanding your business and the difference you can bring to the world? 

This Masterclass will unlock awareness’s and capabilities that you have always known were possible, yet were not willing to embrace.

Are you ready for this change?

1 Day Masterclass..... Rome, Italy


Date: 21 March 2018

Registration: $795USD

Venue: Hotel Parco dei Principi, Via G. Frescobaldi, 5, 00198 Rome

Prerequisites: none

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Local Host:

Lisen Bengtsson


PH: +46708393997 


This Masterclass is facilitated by Chutisa and Steven Bowman, two of the most prolific and respected global business advisors, and authors of the classic books "Conscious Leadership", "Prosperity Consciousness", "No More Business As Usual", and "Benevolent Leadership for a Better World: Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism". Between them, they have been CEOs of major organizations, Chairs of Boards and senior executives in multi-million dollar global corporates. They now run 5 global businesses.