A Conversation with the future
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Are you the custodians of your future? 

Are you creating your own future or are you leaving it in the hands of others, or to fate? ...
What future are you asking for? ...  And where do you start to create it?  

The future is too important to be left to chance!

Conversation with the future …… providing you with the question and awareness of different possibilities and let you choose whatever you choose. …. open a door to a different possibility.

It’s about inciting people to the awareness of what it is to be, and to be aware, to know that you know, and to know that you have choice. That is something peopledon’t get. Most of us tend to say; “I can’t do that, how do I do that?” As thought they can’t. It’s just a choice.

What future are you asking for?  
And where do you start to create it?  

  • What is required to create a second, third, fourth income stream?  
  • How many streams of possibilities would you like to create?  
  • What would be fun for you?  
  • What is stopping you?  
‘A conversation with the future’ opens the door for you to create and generate greater and more potential future possibilities.


3 x 90 min Videos of the conversation with The2Bowmans

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