Generating Wealth Beyond Your Current Job (London, UK)


Being The Conscious Leader Of Your Own Life Masterclass Series

Whatever you would like to create as your life, this Masterclass will help you see the financial world through different eyes so that you can create different possibilities and be the gift of change you truly are.

Would you like to create a new financial reality that is far greater than the one you already have? To be financially savvy and independent? To unlock the power of your inner entrepreneur? To have confidence and ease to create a life beyond where you are now, beyond what you think you can achieve? 

  • To become even more financially savvy and aware?
  • To be more creative and generative with money?
  • To claim your ability to maximize possibilities?
  • To have confidence and ease to create the life you desire, to function differently and change anything? 

"Being the Conscious Leader in your own life will unlock awareness's and capabilities that you have always known were possible, yet were not willing to embrace. Are you ready for this change?"

What if creating abundant wealth does not have to be hard or stressful?

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Generating Wealth Beyond Your Current Job (A Peek into the Possibilities!!)

This is a chance for you to meet the facilitators, and gain insights that could change your whole financial reality.

Would you like to generate sustainable wealth that is far greater than what you are creating with your existing job or work you do? Join us online from the comfort of your home, work or anywhere you happen to be! Register Now and you will get the free download of the video and audio introduction... Now available in 10 languages!!

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Masterclass- 1 day  

Generating Wealth Beyond Your Current Job (Creating generative assets, not work)

This is a true 1-day Masterclass where you will explore very different ways of looking at creating wealth, unlock hidden limitations you have imposed on yourself and others, and unleash the financial genius you truly are.

Would you like to generate sustainable wealth that is far greater than what you are creating with your existing job or work you do. Interactive, exciting, full of hidden gems that will explode in your awareness, this Masterclass will blow the cobwebs from what is truly possible and facilitate you to know…you can be a financial genius.

What if having a job is just part of a whole smorgasbord of possibilities, of which none are mutually exclusive.

Indeed, creating abundant wealth is easy if you are actually willing to be a creative factor for a greater possibility. Imagine what it would be like to know with absolute certainty that no matter what happens in your career, the economy, stock markets, global finance or real estate, you’ll be able to have sustainable wealth for the rest of your life, whether you are in a job or not? 

Date: 24th March 2018
Time 9.30am-6.00pm
Registration: $795
TBA, London, UK
Prerequisites: none

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Local Host:

Liz Walker

Phone: UK (+44) (0) 7812.407.992



This Masterclass is facilitated by Chutisa and Steven Bowman, two of the most prolific and respected global business advisors, and authors of the classic books "Conscious Leadership", "Prosperity Consciousness", "No More Business As Usual", and "Benevolent Leadership for a Better World: Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism". Between them, they have been CEOs of major organizations, Chairs of Boards and senior executives in multi-million dollar global corporates. They now run 5 global businesses.