A Conversation with the Bowmans - Changing Your Point of View Always Creates Money


Money loves the space of creation and question. From that space, possibilities are endless and revenue streams are continuously generated.

Online. Join us for a 1.5hr conversation about the practicalities of creating money by changing your point of view. And it doesn't matter what point of view you change, it is more the space of change that generates revenue possibilities. A very unique way to create possibility and revenue streams.

Join us online from the comfort of your home, work or anywhere you happen to be! Even if you cant make the time, Register Now and you will get the free download of the video and audio.


Date: 16th May 2018 (17th May Australia/New Zealand)
Venue: Online
Time 1.30pm PDT (17th May 6.30am AEDT)
Price USD$95

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