Join The2Bowmans to discover what is truly required to ‘Ignite your ability to create a prosperous life’.

What are you capable of generating and creating, that you don’t even know you’re capable of generating and creating, but you never asked to create and generate it?

Demystifying The Myths Of Prosperity Consciousness

Ignite your ability to create a prosperous life!

What if you could be everything you actually are? What would it be like if you were choosing everything that you could choose today that would allow you to create prosperity and wealth than you could imagine right away?

It takes one choice to change your life

With total choice, you can create anything and all things become possible.

Indeed you can live a prosperous life, except you have to make a conscious and DELIBERATE CHOICE to do so.

If you want to be prosperous and wealthy, you’ve got to choose to embody and be it!

Are you willing to create a life greater than what you now have and make a difference in the world?


Date: February 2020
Time ?????
Registration: $???? by credit card or Paypal

Venue: Viena Austria